Wednesday, 7 September 2011

VW Camper Restoration AKA My VW Camper Blog

Somebody pinched my domain!

Well as it turns out it really is my fault as I forgot to renew it and someone pinched it once it passed the grace period grrr.

So I checked out my google analytics and it turns out that "my VW camper blog" wasn't even the best search term for my blog, so instead I decided to go with what everyone is looking for which is "VW camper restoration" and in truth that is the very same term I used back a long time ago when I first bought my van... so it kind of makes sense.

I started this blog on restoring my camper as I could find very little in the way of resources, I was into web so it kind of made sense to document it here. I no longer have the van as I sold in a year ago, but the blog is a resource for others like me starting out on the road to build a dream van. So I want it to stand the test of time which means I need to fix a few things.

As a quick example of what this blog is for: When I was working on my pop-top I couldn't find the right parts, it seems most people get all the bits together when they buy things, but not me. I searched the web for products, I happened across a pic on google images that eventually led me to the discovery of the parts I needed, well most of them and a friend fabricated the rest. I documented this on here and had a number of comments from people in the same position, so I'm glad it helped as that was why I created it.

Now the camper is gone I wont be updating as frequently as when the project was on going, but my bro has just got him self a T4 so it might get the odd mention and my pal Jamie is well into his rebuild of his early bay (left hooker) so that will get some air time too. Keep on dubin'.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Selling the van.

Finally the day has dawned and I am selling my camper of ebay.

After all the hard work it's time to move on.

Listing info:

This is my 1973/1974 VW transporter Type 2. The van is a 73, but was only registered in the UK in 74, it was originally a Devon Conversion, but all the Devon internals have long since gone.

I bought the van as a scrapper really and have spent the last 4 plus years getting it back to its former glory, though it is not a minter it is very usable and tidy.

The vehicle is fairly rare as it is a twin sliding door version, which in good old VW fashion has a little story behind it, in that the original vehicles were bought for Swedish Airways in the 70s who then gave backward on the order and 500+ vehicles where then available to the market, these have become known as a "Double Dutch". 

The van has had all the major problems fixed, all the welding underneath and in various panels and floor parts has been done. The van has had new seals everywhere and new windscreen and lots of other bits and pieces which seem to have swallowed my money for the last few years. The van also had a full respray about a year ago, to white. This is by no means a "full nut-and-bolt resto" but it is pretty tidy.

The vehicle is also wrapped in a photographic print of white fluffy clouds on a lovely deep blue sky. People love this van, everywhere I go I get lots of people looking and pointing and smiling at it, it really is great fun to drive. The van has been shown at Bug Jam. It has a Just Kampers full width metal rock and roll bed. The van has a great little engine which has never let me down, and up until last winter was an everyday car....even when it was in the minus figures...and it still ran. It has a Monza twin tip four port exhaust which makes it sound great. I have fitted a EMPI quick shifter and some chrome bumpers (also include originals in this sale and any other parts I find).

The wrap can be removed at a later date if you get border with it.

I'm selling as I need a vehicle for long distances and though our little type 2 has been up and down the country a few times I just dont think that it would be a speedy option.

The bad bits or better know as Jobs-I've-never-gotten-around-to
• The cab has a new headlining, however it is still in its packet as I've never had the time to fit it.
• The wrap has a few little issues, but none really obvious unless you go looking for them.
• The driver and passenger seats are a bit naff so I have seat covers on but, you could replace the seats for the best option.
• There are a few screw holes in the roof from the original Devon conversion, but these have been seal so don't leak.
• The van is reasonably sound, but the doors will probably need looking at at some point in the next few years. These are easily replaced.

Please bare in mind this is a 36 year old VW camper that is not in concourse condition, that said it is a pretty good looking van I hope the photos show that.

Please email me if you would like to visit, any questions welcomed, but here are my terms.

• If you have less than 10 feedback please email me to show your intent is genuine or I will just ignore your bid. 
• I wont stop the auction early for you.
• There is a reserve, but I wont tell you what it is I'm afraid.
• I have the right to remove this ad if I feel like it.
• Cash on collection, but I require a deposit of £200 via Paypal within 24hrs of the auction end or you get reported to ebay and I re-list.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

New restoration project - My bike 1

It was my birthday recently and my brother gave me a present of a old MTB frame which he lovingly dremmel'd Happy Birthday onto. Now you might think hmmm some birthday present, but I happened to know it's not a bad frame, it's actually a jump bike frame rather than a light weight cross country frame. Basically to cut a long story short I have another mountain bike which I regulalry ride, which even though it has a few modern additions of hydraulic disc brakes and front suspension, that is a bit of a shed and you could even call it a death trap.

Over at we pride oursleves on resourcefulness and that "do or die" attitude, the "do or die" bit a covered in the bit above about my bike. However the resourcefulness bit is altogether a more interesting story. Dan (my brother) recently heard of a case where a chap had his bike stolen and on a web forum lots of individual members donated spare parts to build the guy a unique machine basically for that is what you call a community. So spurred on by this recent knowledge Facebook messages were sent out to lots of the community and low and behold my brother turns up with a frame and a bag of bits.

These are the people I have to say a BIG thanks to...Grave, Kieran, Mike, Derek, Rob and of course Dan.

I call it project reCycle...did you see what I did there? I am going to take all those bits and create one of the coolest rides out there ;)

The frame has now been sent off to be sand blasted and powder coated, can't wait to see what it looks like.

Friday, 16 April 2010

The sounds of spring

Today I heard one of my favourite sounds of not birds calling or lambs bleating. It was the sound of a VW 1.6 flat four being coaxed into life and that burbly sound comes through a Monza twin tip which just makes it that much nicer.

My van has been off the road a while so it was finally good to hear it roar into action, this was only done after using the highly complex technique of wacking the starter motor with a hammer. As the van had been standing a while it would seem the starter motor had become a bit stuck, which was better than my first assessment. After an investigation a month or so ago I came to the conclusion that the starter was indeed dead, this was in part my stupidity as when under the van I dislodge the earth from the motor. Anyway after a quick chat with Jamie who is doing his bay at the moment, he mentioned it might just be stuck and a tap should sort it.

Being so busy recently I called Andy and his lads (the mechanics in next unit to mine) around, as I just didn't have time to fart about under there again, anyway with in two minutes and me chipping in every probably a little too much for their liking, they had it i'm a bit gutted I called them around. Once it was turned off it wouldn't start again, hammer out and she sparked into life again, turn her off and no start again. So Andy took the old van to his cleaned the starter out and replace the shims, and also replace my fan belt as it was a bit old and loose and wasn't charging up the battery too well.